About us

We are a group of that came together and decided that it was just not enough to go to a dinner and just talk… In our relationships we talk every day at home on phones and basically we are so globiled that communication is not a problem in this day and age. We want to create memories! We want to order food and the waiter grabs you to make your partners dish for them or we want to go on a scavenger hunt setup for us not by us! There is no element of surprise or excitement out there. We have decided that we are the fairy god mothers that people need and we will create this for people!

Swish Events was born…

Message from the owner –

“I really like going out and experiencing life and our beautiful country, South Africa. I actually love loving and spending time with my loved ones. I have always been the organizer in the family, in our group of friends and at work I always organised all the events. It later became my job to arrange and manage exhibitions, trade shows and may other events! I always go overboard and love to put in immense detail to my events and projects. When someone did something special for me it was embedded in a long term memory and I believe that is what you will ALWAYS remember! With this said I decided to share this feeling and create memories for other people. I started Swish and the goal is to fulfil personalized unique moments between you and your loved ones.” Debra Rheeders

What we do…

Date nights are great, but eating at a restaurant only gets you excited to a certain extent? With our customized date nights you will never have a mediocre date again.

Date nights won’t become work, but something to look forward to. If you have ANY event, we at Swish are here to take it to the next level! You can be involved in the planning of the date or we can take care of absolutely everything for you.

Based on the information you give us, we will customize your perfect outing to suit you and your needs. We will give you a complete breakdown for your special date. All you have to worry about is your outfit (we can take care of that too).

None of our date plans are the same as no two people are the same, how exciting right?